We supply parts from a huge variety of companies that we are an authorized supplier for or a distributor. Here is a list of some of the items that we supply:

  • Aerospace (for most military air platforms)
  • Heavy duty truck parts (MRAP parts, Spartan, Daimler, Freightliner, and more)
  • Armored Vehicle parts (most military platforms)
  • Tools, and custom tool kits (Snap-on, Bosch, and more)
  • Repair Station tools and equipment
  • Pumps (water, fuel, sewage, and more)
  • Hardware (full line of hardware)
  • Manufacturing (per drawing specifications)
  • Building Supplies (Complete line of building supplies)
  • Shipping and Storage Containers (wood, metal, molded plastic, ect)
  • Wire Harness & Cable assemblies
  • Terminal Studs, Connectors, and Posts
  • Firetruck sales (Spartan Firetrucks)
  • And much much more!